Wed. 21th March, 2018 – Sun. 8th April, 2018

陳列館We are holding an exhibition at this place, Chinretsukan Gallery of Museum of Tokyo University of the Arts. Statue by Rodin welcomes you.

powers of play MIZUTA 1

powers of play MIZUTA 2

This exhibition is curated by 7 students studying curation or architecture in this university. 8 artists from Japan and 1 artist from USA are taking part in this exhibition. Each artists has various ways of expression, such as painting, sculpture, printmaking and graffiti. I’m showing 8 paintings. I usually chose paintings by myself but this time one of the curators chose them and we discussed about how to put them on the wall. It was good experience and I think It might be better than the plan I imagined in my mind. Please come by our exhibition and enjoy our works!

Title: Pn – Powers of PLAY –
Location: Chinretsukan Gallery of Museum of Tokyo University of the Arts
Date: Wed. 21th March, 2018 – Sun. 8th April, 2018
Opening Hour: 10:00 – 18:00 (last entry 17:30), closed on Monday
Admission: Free

Makoto EGASHIRA, Kouseki ONO, Taku OBATA, Ryohei KAN, Yusuke TODA, Yuuki HORIUCHI, Hiroshi MIZUTA, TENGAone, Shana MOULTON

I stayed this hotel Shinobazu-Sou, located in the University. I’ve thought “what a small and old!”at first, but rooms inside were neat and tidy for this exterior.



Actually, It was looks like house, rather than hotel, and people stayed here could share a cosy atmosphere. I made friends with travelers from Vietnam came here for their exhibition and one of them drew me! It’s nice drawing. I’ll treasure it!. They gave me pretty souvenirs too. I had a great time with them.


Their exhibition “Triangulation: Tokyo — Goto — Ho Chi Minh” is going to start soon. It’s highly recommended too!


Triangulation: Tokyo — Goto — Ho Chi Minh

Date: 27th (Tue) – 30th (Fri) March 2018
Venue: Exhibition Room, University Hall 2F
Faculty of Music, Ueno Campus, Tokyo University of the Arts

Admission Free

Tokyo University of the Arts:
Yoshitaka Mōri, Tomo Yamazaki, Sawako Ishii, Jeremy Woolsey, Tanja Sillman, Kazuya Yukimura, Yuka Ikawa and Chiho Oka
Ho Chi Minh City University of Fine Arts:
Huynh Thanh Trang, Truong Boi Ngoc and Nguyen Hoang Yen

Guest Artist: James Jack(Yale-NUS College)